The state of Chihuahua, located to the north of the country, is the largest state in Mexico.  To the south, it borders with the states of Durango and Sinaloa; to the east with the state of Coahuila and to the north with the American sates of Texas and New Mexico. It was inhabited by several indigenous groups; but it is now known for the Raramuris who live in the Sierra Tarahuamara.  Here you will find important industrial cities, two beautiful Magic Towns, and one of the most amazing mountain systems in Mexico: the Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon).

Chihuaha’s main cities and many small towns have the most diverse  locations, in addition to offering unique natural attractions found nowhere else in the country. Chihuahua is such a large and generous state, that you will be able to find forested mountain terrain, temperate grasslands and extreme deserts, including the warm weather tropical flora of its ravines.

For several years, high quality services have sprung up all over the state, near marvels such as the Barrancas del Cobre, the northern deserts or secret little villages in the south.

Chihuahua will show you, at the same time, echo of ancient civilizations and modern monuments.  Prosperous cities will pamper you with their first class services;   its caves and canyons. Its people, tall and friendly, will spoil you with their culinary wonders.

Chihuahua its an economical opportunity for any filmmaker, with its accessible prices and openness of its people. We can help producers get the most production value you can get anywhere else.

Both for independent and mayor studio productions, the proximity with the New Mexico Studios and Durango make it ideal for any production needs.