Here’s What We Do Better

Chihuahua is a beautiful territory, and we help get the most of it with our knowledge and expertise in the film industry.

From deserts to amazing cascades Chihuahua offers a unique opportunity for filmmakers around the word. accessible prices that get you the most production value out of you budget. Our team will help you thru all the process and advise you in anything you need to get your project running.


We can do the scouting before you get here and send you 4k footage Or take you to the different locations depending on your project needs.


We can send you a list of equipment available for rent in the area. depending on your project needs or we can find the nearest equipment available for rent.


We can arrange a casting session in one of our facilities or we can do it for you and send you the video.


We can take care of your production on any format that you require and to your exact specifications.

Food and transport

We will help you with your accommodation and transportation needs during your shot.


We can take care of any of the legal paperwork or permits regarding your production or project.

Amazing scenery
incredible Light

Across the state you will find constant light almost year round and an incredible magic hour that last several hours.

“You are just a click away from amazing things”